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I had a thought from when I was in training last year prior to deploying. We had finished our language and cultural classes and our Afghan instructors, most of which were men of my father’s age or older who had fled Afghanistan either during the Soviet invasion/occupation and or when the Taliban took control, or they were Afghan military who were here, or Terps (interpreters). I remember I was waiting in line to get some of the traditional food they had prepared and there was a slide show playing on the TV with many different photo’s. And then as the slide show went on there were photo’s from 1950’s/60’s Afghanistan, I watched several then asked one of the Afghan’s is that really how Afghanistan was? Some of the oldest men gave their knowledge on it since they were old enough to remember those days and grew up in those times. I couldn’t believe that how things once were, that it was just a total opposite of things now. Even once I was in country, I would hear stories from some of the Army Corps of Engineers, about how some of the old timers had told stories to them of how they lived there for 2 or 3 years back in 1960’s helping build dam’s and roads. How much they loved living there with their families for the time that they spent there. So I figured I’d share this video from Youtube for anyone else who may benefit from it.

I didn’t know anything of the history of Afghanistan other than world history in high school which was just such BS, all that did was glorify Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan and anyone else who “discovered the spice trade route” and not talk about they pretty much conquered any and everything by any means necessary is more like how it really went down. 

I am not a fan of country music at all, I pretty much despise the modern stuff. But I tell you what over the years listening to the country/western music from the 50’s through early 70’s my momma listens too, now that was and still is some damn good music. Here is probably my favorite song from back then by Marty Robbins “El Paso”