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Posts tagged: chill

Loving the sound. All the songs so far have been outstanding.

Maxcence Cyrin -Where is my mind ( Piano Cover) of the Pixies. Gotta love this song and the amazing movie Fight Club

I agree with a buddy of mine when he said “this is how you dance to a modern song, no twerking involved lmao”. I mean really wtf has happened to music. I’d like to think Don Cornelius would be announcing Daft Punk and smiling as people got their boggie on.

Just searching out chill music on soundcloud and came across Mitis. Liking his dubstep and his chill stuff, sounds like this make life a little bit better.

My 2011 Riding Review

The Pour

The Pour

Pretty cool animation video I found on Vimeo, it’s not from a camera but it’s still good.

Really digging this song by Polska called “Outvert”.

The whole build up to when the beat kicks in is just something very nice, then that beat is amazing. Really gets my thoughts moving and the creativity to come out. More pics anyone.

"The Disconnect" from Scott Hansen of (Tycho) Such a great Down Tempo song that is chill and relaxing. Glad to see someone making great music for the mind and soul.