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Motorcycling in Virginia

First off let me say that all of what is being said are my own personal opinions before someone gets all butt hurt over something I will probably end up posting on here. 

Anyway I am a avid motorcyclist, 95% of my riding is done on day long rides from Richmond up to the mountains and back all on back roads other than taking 64 to Goochland. I do 300-400 mile trips solo or with friends. I get highly bored and annoyed with the roads around Richmond, as I find them totally boring and not worth my time to even break out my bike to ride them. You may wonder why I think and feel like this. Well first off let me say I started riding motorcycles when I was stationed in Central California. I could see the Sierra Nevada mountains from where I lived and there are endless roads of motorcycle awesomeness in California. I did sport riding and sport touring when I lived there. 

Once I moved back to Richmond in May of 2009, I spent a good amount of time scouring google maps trying to find roads around the area that were worth 2 cents. And I happened upon 2 people at a gas station one day. Lets just say that one of the guys is a good friend of mine now and showed me the path to great riding in Virginia. I also have attended a riding school with “Cornerspeed Schools” at Virginia Intl Raceway near Danville VA. I have done a few track days there and 1 down at Road Atlanta Raceway outside of Atlanta GA. It’s quite addicting and really puts you in perspective for the street. I enjoy riding the street for what it is, a great ride and also great scenery. 

The kind of rider I am is a person of passion when it comes to riding and motorcycling. I rarely commute on my bike even to work, I only ride it as my hobby and my release from the daily grind of life. Don’t think I don’t log miles though. Last time I had a few days off work I rode over 1200 miles in 3 days mostly in the mountains on very winding twisty roads. It is a lifestyle that is part of me and won’t ever leave. 

Virginia has many great places to ride. Most IMO are all out west in the mountains, and you would have to see it to believe it. I would not recommend a newer person or someone who has not ridden roads like that to try riding those places right off the bat. Ride with friends that know the roads, take it easy and learn. And most of all enjoy the ride.