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Posts tagged: vimeo

A Damn good short someone I follow posted that he found on Vimeo. I am very impressed.

Pretty cool animation video I found on Vimeo, it’s not from a camera but it’s still good.

A very very cool and well put together stop motion video I ran across on Vimeo a few months ago, and figured anyone else into photography and film like me will probably enjoy very much.

I like this video quite a bit this guy made. I like the fact it was shot 100% with a Gopro HD, and being I own a Gopro HD this tells me I need to get off my ass and make something!

"Dark Side Of The Lens"

All I can say about this is it is EPIC. This guy I think can speak for any film maker or photographer who truly loves what they do, how they live for what they do, and most of all showing how it’s done.

A fantastic and deep short from Yann Hilaire & Romain Lesiuk.